New OSB Production Plant Backed by VEB Put into Operation in Tver Region

Taleon Arbor, a high technology innovative complex for the production of OSB boards, began operating in Torzhok, Tver Region, with financial support from Vnesheconombank. The project initiator is LLC STOD.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Russia’s Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, Chairman of Vnesheconombank Sergey Gorkov, Governor of Tver Region Igor Rudenya, and State Secretary/Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Victor Evtukhov.

Vnesheconombank provided financing for the construction of an OSB plant with a capacity of 500 thousand cubic metres a year in Torzhok, Tver Region, the organization of timber frame-panel house production, and the modernization of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) production using LLC STOD facilities. The total funds provided by VEB exceeded RUB 20.7 billion.

The new plant began operations back in September 2016. The oriented strand board (OSB) production line with a capacity of 500 thousand cubic meters a year installed at the Taleon Arbor plant is the largest of its kind in Russia. The plant produces import substituting high value added products. All the output is already contracted to be sold, with 50% of production going to domestic buyers and 50% to be exported to Europe, Asia, Australia, UAE, and the USA.

The line boasts equipment from global leaders, including: Dieffenbacher, Holtek, Sinebogen, Leonhard, Transmec, Scheuch, Schwabedissen, and Siemens, which manufactures environmentally safe boards using a formaldehyde-free adhesive. Furthermore, the plant has facilities in place to produce up to 125 prefabricated timber frame-panel houses a year.

The project would contribute to the social and economic development of the region by creating more than 1200 jobs. Budget revenues over the 10 years are expected to exceed RUB 13 billion.

Backed by VEB, LLC STOD has modernized the Taleon Terra plant for the production of laminated veneer softwood lumber (LVL) and made operational a prefabricated timber frame-panel house construction plant.

VEB is a leading investor in Russia’s timber industry. Overall, Vnesheconombank has invested in nine major timber processing projects worth more than RUB 136 billion. The Bank’s total investment designed to promote timber industry projects is estimated to be RUB 90 billion.

In Tver Region, Vnesheconombank participates in four investment projects, including in the agro-industrial sector, timber processing, tourism infrastructure, medical engineering and pharmaceuticals industry, totaling RUB 52.5 billion. VEB has provided approximately RUB 30 billion for the realization of these projects.

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