VEB Develops New Investment Process Implementation Plan and Investment Unit Structure

Vnesheconombank has moved forward with its Strategy 2021 in terms of investment activity: the Bank has developed a plan for the implementation of a new investment process and approved a new structure of the Bank's corporate investment unit (CIU). The unit is expected to take advantage of the adaptive project management model (agile approach).

The priority objectives that are the focus of a new investment process implementation structure include: increase of the disbursement percentage with respect to the projects having national priority in the total volume of loans, upgrading of the current credit portfolio, development of a package proposal for the clients, attraction of co-financing, such as co-financing through syndicates.

“VEB is determined to improve the satisfaction of its corporate clients. We propose an altogether innovative idea - we want to build an investment unit based on the agile technology. We need a new flexible operation system and financing in accordance with the new Strategy of high-quality projects providing benefit for the economy,”- noted Chairman of Vnesheconombank Sergey Gorkov.

The CIU’s structure involves project teams and personal responsibility of medium-level managers for the project. Most managers will have industry-specific competencies and experience in project structuring and administration. Improved horizontal interaction will make it possible to avoid bureaucracy and ensure real-time problem solution.

Thus, in dealing with projects the CIU will work in close contact with the “Sectoral Business Solutions” unit, the main task of which will be to coordinate the creation of the pool of projects for financing, their preliminary expert examination and assessment of business models. On successful completion of this stage, the project management leadership and coordination of the project team shall pass to the CIU.

The development of the CIU and the “Sectoral Business Solutions” unit is coordinated by First Deputy Chairman - Member of VEB's Board Dmitry Kurdyukov; the CIU's direct supervisor is Deputy Chairman - Member of the Board Tatiana Sakharova and that of the “Sectoral Business Solutions” unit is VEB's Deputy Chairman Pyotr Zolotarev.

The change in the structure of VEB's corporate investment unit launches a new investment process format corresponding to the objectives of the VEB’s Development Strategy 2.0 and the Bank’s corporate values.

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