Vladimir Putin launches sawn wood production complex built in Khabarovsk Territory with Vnesheconombank support

The city of Amursk in the Khabarovsk Territory witnessed a sawn wood industrial complex put into operation. Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the production in a telebridge mode by pressing a symbolic button.

Initiated by Russia Forest Products Group (RFP), the largest vertically integrated forest industry complex in Russia’s Far East, the project is delivered with financial support from Vnesheconombank. A sawn wood plant with a capacity of 230,000m3/year built as part of the concept for the construction of the Far Eastern centre for advanced processing of timber. At the first stage of the concept, a veneer sheet plant with the production capacity of 300,000m3/year was built and put into operation in 2013. Overall, Vnesheconombank invested in the above projects more than RUB10billion. Currently, RFP and VEB are developing a project on the construction of a lumber waste treatment facility - a fuel wood pellet shop.

Vnesheconombank’s investments in the Far Eastern forest industry complex approximates to RUB40billion, with the portfolio comprising three projects (Arkaim Joint Venture Limited Liability Company, RFP Group, Asia Les Limited Liability Company) .

Vnesheconombank is one of the major investors in the Russian forest industry. The Bank is providing financial support for eight priority investment projects on forest exploitation. The Bank’s investment portfolio of forest projects exceeds RUB100billion. Woodworking facilities are located in four federal districts of the Russian Federation: South, Central, North and Far Eastern. In 2016, three enterprises built with Vnesheconombank’s financial backing were brought into operation: Kraslesinvest Sawn Wood Complex, Sibles Project Pellet Production Facility in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, and STOD OSB production facility in the Tver Region. Pursuing the government policy of developing the forest industry, Vnesheconombank has approved pre-project works for the construction of the first ever pulp mill using the facilities of Kraslesinvest in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

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