Best Russian-Swiss High-Tech Projects Receive Awards in Moscow

Moscow has hosted the Suvorov Prize Award Ceremony to present the Award for Best Swiss-Russian Innovative Project. Five Russian and Swiss IT, medtech and biotech projects were nominated for the award.

During the award ceremony, Vnesheconombank and the Swiss Russian Forum announced the signing of a cooperation agreement to share experience in advancing blockchain technology.

Béatrice G. Lombard-Martin, Co-President of the Swiss Russian Forum, expressed the hope that business cooperation with Vnesheconombank as a leading development institution for the Russian economy would continue, saying, “Today’s final of the contest among Russian-Swiss innovation projects conclusively proves for the seventh time that international scientific cooperation and joint innovation development bring enormous social and economic benefits to our countries, thus improving the well-being of each of us. The best projects nominated for the Suvorov Prize include cutting-edge solutions for healthcare and bionic prosthetics, along with IT services for everyday use. And we are happy to note that every year sees an increased number of contest applications and a wider scientific scope of projects. For instance, this year’s contest included projects related to blockchain technology for the first time, which is not only the latest trend but also a promising area of cooperation between Russia and Switzerland.”

Aleksey Shevtsov, Managing Director and Head of the Blockchain Technology Development Department of Vnesheconombank, said, “Under the agreement with the Swiss Fund, we will do the first open joint workshop as early as 14 November. This is ‘Blockchain Industry Creation Strategy. Formula for Success of Crypto Valley in the Canton of Zug’. Dozens of countries are currently active in studying Swiss experience and, inspired by Crypto Valley, are in the process of creating a new economy based on blockchain technology. With its traditionally high potential, Russia has the scientific capability to advance distributed ledger technology; over half of the companies in the blockchain industry come from Russia. What we are to do now is to work with our Zug colleagues to lay the groundwork for a blockchain-based economy in Russia.”

Under the cooperation agreement, the parties have plans to conduct a series of training events and business missions for entrepreneurs and public servants to share their best practices and promote advanced user services based on blockchain technology.

Suvorov Prize, the Award for Best Swiss-Russian Innovative Project

The 7th Suvorov Prize Award Ceremony to present the Award for Best Swiss-Russian Innovative Project took place in Moscow on 13 November 2017.

The following criteria were applied to select the projects: the project is ready to enter the market; the project involves Switzerland and Russia; the project is remarkable for its originality, social significance, competitiveness and financial viability.

The Suvorov Prize was established by the Swiss Russian Forum (Chamber of Commerce) as an award for the best Swiss-Russian innovation project. Preference is given to start-ups with projects to facilitate two-way economic exchange. Whether any project is ready to enter the market is a decisive factor in selecting it for the final. More than 50 high-level projects were submitted for participation in the contest, which made it difficult to choose the finalists.

The Suvorov Prize Award Ceremony is held with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow, the Office for Economy and Labour of the Canton of Zurich, the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE) and the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers.

The following projects were nominated for the award:

  1. Antibacterial photoactive nanocomposite materials for the interior of rooms. Anton Maevsky, General Director, FMP SPbU
  2. Maxbionic bionic prosthetics: microprocessor-controlled upper limb prosthetics. Timur Sayfutdinov, General Director, Max Bionic
  3. NeuroCode: next-generation information system for an unlimited number of users. Alexander Khrebtov
  4. Heart of Eurasia: joint development and operation of Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University’s new cardiac surgery department for newborns, infants and young children. Honorary Doctor Paul Robert Vogt, Professor, MD, Founder and President of the Heart of Eurasia Foundation
  5. Time to Say application updating and improving the most important function of a phone, calls. Andrey Izmaylov, General Director, IT Progress 2

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