VEB and Federal Agency for State Property Management to Hammer Out a Package of Supportive Measures for Privatisation of Federal Property

At the Russian Investment Forum 2018, Vnesheconombank and the Federal Agency for State Property Management (Rosimuschestvo) entered into a cooperation agreement.

The document was signed by Vnesheconombank’s Chairman Sergey Gorkov and Head of Rosimuschestvo Dmitry Pristanskov.

The parties have agreed to work out and implement a package of supportive measures for the privatisation of federal property with a view to enhancing its investment appeal and increasing operational efficiency of federally owned businesses and federal state unitary enterprises. The document provides for comprehensive cooperation, expert support, exchange of information and implementation of joint initiatives. According to Sergey Gorkov, ‘VEB will participate in expert evaluation of such projects with a view to enhancing their investment appeal.’ The agreement signed will serve as the basis for long-term and fruitful cooperation with Rosimuschestvo.

“For Rosimuschestvo, privatisation of federally owned companies is one of the critical goals. It is a complex job, each stage of which has its own challenges. Support from such major financial institution as Vnesheconombank in terms of strategic and investment advisory services relating to the privatisation and development of partially and fully state-owned companies will help facilitate the pre-sale preparation process. Rosimuschestvo is also counting on Vnesheconombank’s support in the search for buyers for public assets. Furthermore, we are going to engage the Bank’s experts to render advisory assistance in asset restructuring and devising an optimal development strategy for partially and fully state-owned companies,” said Dmitry Pristanskov.

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