Irina Makieva: Single-Industry Towns in Arkhangelsk Region Obtain Thirteen New Ambulances and Significantly Improve Urban Environment

On 27 February, Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, Coordinator of the Single-Industry Town Development Programme and Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region Igor Orlov, and Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank and Director of the Single-Industry Town Development Programme Irina Makieva made a working trip to Novodvinsk. The event comprised a conference with seven mayors of the Arkhangelsk Region single-industry towns, a meeting with the business community, and visits to the central hospital and the backbone enterprise of Novodvinsk.

Overall, some fifteen hundred new jobs were created in the Arkhangelsk Region in 2017. All single-industry towns in the region had their central streets repaired. Five single-industry towns had entrance space in their outpatient clinics renovated. In particular, an outpatient clinic in Oktyabrskiy settlement installed a new registration desk. Healthcare institutions obtained thirteen new ambulances, the three of which went to the Novodvinsk central hospital.

“In 2017, single-industry towns were to fix up their outpatient clinics, for a start, the entrance space. Obviously, the Novodvinsk Administration has successfully completed the task. Now, the patients have at their disposal on-line registration, a medical information system, and a touch-sensitive terminal for medical appointment booking, which have significantly contributed to their comfort. The remaining single-industry towns have committed to complete the work in 2018. The regional authorities have assisted single-industry towns in obtaining thirteen ambulance cars. In particular, the Novodvinsk hospital has been given three ambulance cars.

Furthermore, Irina Makieva said: “Sometimes, backbone enterprises are not ready to contribute to the development of single-industry towns. However, in Novodvinsk, it is not the case. Its citizens have been very lucky.”

All of the Arkhangelsk Region single-industry towns have also implemented projects provided for in the Five Steps of Municipal Improvement Programme. The work in this direction will proceed in 2018.

The priority programme ‘Integrated Development of Single-Industry Towns’ is designed to reduce dependence of single-industry municipalities (towns) on backbone enterprises by creating before the end of 2018 230 thousand new jobs unrelated to backbone enterprises and, as a result, to reduce the number of single-industry towns before the end of 2018 by 18, as well as to improve municipal environment in single-industry towns through the measures, which the Five Steps of Municipal Improvement Programme requires to be implemented in all single-industry towns by the end of 2018.

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