Integrated Single-Industry Town Development Programme Helps Navoloki to Attract 14 Potential Investors

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov and Vnesheconombank’s Deputy Chairperson Irina Makieva have evaluated progress in carrying out a presidential priority programme, Integrated Single-Industry Town Development, in the Navoloki Advanced Development Zone, Ivanovo Region.

The Programme Supervisor, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, and the Programme Manager, Vnesheconombank’s Deputy Chairperson Irina Makieva, visited the town of Navoloki in the Ivanovo Region on 13 March. As a reminder, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed the resolution in February 2018 to set up an advanced development zone in Navoloki. This status enables one-factory towns to encourage investment, including through tax incentives.

Specifically, the Programme Supervisor and Manager found out more about potential investors eager to develop business in the Navoloki Advanced Development Zone. Under 14 investment agreements, the single-industry town intends to collect over 2 billion roubles from investors and create about 1,000 jobs.

Programme Manager Irina Makieva said: “The status of advanced development zones gives one-factory towns the great opportunity to attract investment. New businesses not only create jobs and infrastructure, but also help a town to substantially improve its image. If young people do not leave, they will begin to shape the environment around them, creating new modern public spaces and boosting economic and cultural activity. This is how one-factory town will revive.”

Shuvalov and Makieva visited one of Navoloki’s oldest factories, namely a local medical textile producer. Navteks intends to become the first resident of the new advanced development zone in the near future. The company can receive 250 million roubles in 2018 under the Monotowns Development Fund’s priority programme for new waste treatment facilities, on-site roads and lighting.

The Five Urban Improvement Steps programme also received a great deal of attention. The programme to improve the Navoloki’s urban environment involved carrying out projects to transform the town park into a modern recreation area and repair the roof and façade of a music school. Additionally, repairs were made to the main street of the town.

It is important to note that the Ivanovo Region has a total of ten single-industry towns with more than 150,000 residents, or 15% of the region’s population. Every municipality received a new ambulance and carried out major repairs to its main street in 2017 under the Integrated Single-Industry Town Development Programme.

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