Sirius Blockchain Academy Launched by Vnesheconombank and Talent and Success Foundation for Gifted Teenagers

Vnesheconombank’s Centre of Blockchain Competencies has developed a training programme, Blockchain Academy, designed for teenagers and presented at the Sochi-based Sirius Education Centre. The first batch of students will study under the March educational programme.

The Blockchain Academy programme will enable Sirius trainees to get basic knowledge of digital technology, be taught the fundamentals of pitching and commercialising their own IT projects and learn how to manage their own brain capital. Vnesheconombank’s centre for blockchain technology development will help the teenagers to learn about the creative culture of blockchain technology and find their role in society.

The teenagers will be working on an ambitious project, Generation Z for Tomorrow’s Russia. Their work will result in forming the student community motivated and able to carry out freelance assignments as experts and developers of the multimedia game platform Children’s Digital Republic of e-Sirius.

“Breakthrough technology changes the world so quickly that it is now hard to say what the world will be like in just a few years. A generation has already been born that will use driverless cars, control robots and see absolutely incredible things in medicine. Communication between the state and the individual will be different: numerous processes will go digital and will not need intermediaries; there will be direct relations based mainly on blockchains. We are now on the threshold of digitalisation, which will change our lives. It is important for today’s schoolchildren to be involved in building up this fantastic future and be brave enough to think of how they will live tomorrow,” Vnesheconombank’s Chairman Sergey Gorkov said.

Yelena Shmeleva, head of the Talent and Success Foundation, said: “The high-tech business is open to any age. Our young talent is already able to offer breakthrough solutions that strengthen Russia’s status as a global leader in innovation. Thanks to the Blockchain Academy project, we will help young researchers to realise their scientific potential.”

The Academy was declared open by Maxim Nemkevich, a staff member of Vnesheconombank’s Teenager Department and a student at the Higher School of Economics. Teachers at the Blockchain Academy include representatives of business and blockchain projects along with the teenage staff of the Teenager Department. The students with the best achievements under the project will be able to join the Teenager Department established by Vnesheconombank a year ago.

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