Vnesheconombank and Business Community Discuss Prospects for Green Economy

Vnesheconombank’s Institute for Research and Expertise, together with Business Russia, has organised a round-table discussion about the business opportunities of a green economy. The event was attended by Yulia Zvorykina, Director of the Institute, and moderated by Nikolay Krivozertsev, a member of the General Council of Business Russia.

Vnesheconombank views its green activities as an instrument for making exports more competitive and uses them as a platform for cooperating with national and international development institutions.

Vnesheconombank is currently considering several green projects. They relate to solar and wind power, municipal solid waste management and smart grid construction. We work in close cooperation with the Bank of Russia, the Moscow Exchange and market participants to create special green financing instruments. If the government decides to establish a green bank, Vnesheconombank is willing to take on its functions.

The business community is also optimistic about prospects for a green economy. Major companies and banks, such as Saint-Gobain Russia, AtomEnergoSbyt and Sberbank, shared their experience and discussed what opportunities would be provided by environmental reform for business, how the shift to a green economy should take place, how government regulation should help to open up such opportunities and how to avoid putting up new barriers. Another focus of the discussion was how to introduce green standards into construction, industrial production and forestry and use them as criteria for Russia’s emerging system of green public procurement.

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