VEB and Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) Work on Comprehensive Strategy for Development of Monotowns

All the participants in the meeting noted the exigent need of support to the monotowns and their socio-economic development, as well as liability of the township-forming enterprises to engage in resolving these problems.

Deputy Chairperson of Vnesheconombank Irina Makieva, head of the priority Program “Complex Development of Monotowns,” reported the Program’s current status and itemized the support measures required for monotowns.

“We have aggregated the support measures at all levels — federal, regional and municipal, which allows us to apply a complex approach to the development of monotowns. In addition, we have combined financial and non-financial instruments including expert support and dissemination of the best practices. There are more than 100 such instruments at our disposal,” Irina Makieva said.

The Program of Complex Development of Monotowns presupposes the engagement of all parties in resolving the complex task of introducing sustainable economy in the monotowns. This is why the monotowns’ development teams bring together representatives of regional and municipal authorities, representatives of the township-forming enterprises and of their business communities.

“The township-forming enterprises are largely responsible for the economic climate inside the monotowns. That is why it is important to engage them in the implementation of this priority Program, especially in its social component. The township-forming enterprises have social responsibility programs of their own which may be synchronized with the activities performed by the municipalities with a view to improving standards of living, developing education, science, sports, etc. It is also important to involve active and caring residents, for instance, at the level of joint volunteer projects,” Irina Makieva emphasized.

Based on the results if the meeting, the participants passed a resolution to set up an expert body for a comprehensive analysis of the issues proposed by the working group for further consideration, as well as a resolution to prepare the RSPP official stance towards further implementation of the priority Program “Complex Development of Monotowns.”

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