VEB-Leasing finances delivery of boiler equipment for the Ulyanovsk Region

The boiler equipment has been delivered under a public contract entered into between VEB-Leasing and Ulyanovsk Region Utilities Development Corporation.

Overall, some RUB300 million worth of 26 modular boiler systems and equipment items have been already delivered under the public contract. The delivery has been made as a part of the two-year programme aimed at the rehabilitation of heat sources in the Ulyanovsk Region for 2017-2018 and initiated by the Governor Sergey Morozov. The programme provides for the construction and modernization of 63 boiler houses in the region. Consequently, more than 40% of the regional heat sources included in the two-year programme will be overhauled.

“The Ulyanovsk Region seeks to induce private investment in the housing and utility sector, and in the fuel and energy industry. On the one hand, it helps us develop such an important area as public-private partnership (PPP). On the other hand, private investment enables us to promptly modernize fuel and energy facilities and deliver quality heating services to public facilities, including kindergartens, general education and musical schools, hospitals and community centres, as well as to residential buildings,” commented Sergey Noskov, Director of Ulyanovsk Region Utilities Development Corporation.

“VEB-Leasing actively engages in public programmes aiming to foster social and economic development in Russia’s constituent entities. Shaping a livable urban environment is on the company’s priority list,” said Artem Dovlatov, Acting Director General of VEB-Leasing.

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