Dmitry Kurdyukov, Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank, announced Chair of Sviaz-Bank

Dmitry Kurdyukov, Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank, was elected Chair of the Board of Directors in Sviaz-Bank. In Vnesheconombank, he is responsible for VEB Group banks and their transformation.

“Sviaz-Bank has been going through an important stage of transformation. It is important not only to leverage the synergy from the merger with Globexbank, but also to maximize the performance of the newly formed bank. Our commitment to the best interests of our customers – both corporate and individual – has remained our utmost priority. I am confident that the potential of the bank’s managers and employees and the competencies of the Board Directors which will play most active role in managing Sviaz-Bank will allow the bank to achieve its objectives as promptly as possible,” said Dmitry Kurdyukov.

Dmitry Kurdyukov joined Vnesheconombank in 2017. As First Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank and member of the Management Board, he was responsible for the bank’s Business Function. He developed a new structure of the Business Function, built a team of professionals and created a new business practice – Syndicated Lending. He helped to significantly improve the investment procedure by reducing the time required for expert review of projects and automating a number of processes. The pledge function was reorganised and a monitoring service was created. Together with the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, Vnesheconombank launched the Project Financing Factory programme. Before that, Dmitry Kurdyukov had worked for four years as Chairman of North Western Bank of Sberbank of Russia. In 2010-2012, he was Advisor to President of Sberbank of Russia and before that – Chairman of Povolzhsky Bank. In 2005-2010, he worked in Uralsib Bank, and in 2003-2005 – in Bank of Moscow.

The extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Sviaz-Bank (part of VEB Group) during which the decision was taken to dismiss early the members of the Board of Directors and to elect the new Board of Directors was held at the end of last week. The newly formed Board of Directors elected Dmitry Kurdyukov as Chair and Oleg Golubentsev as Deputy Chair.

Sviaz-Bank’s Board of Directors include Mikhail Kuzovlev, Vnesheconombank’s First Deputy Chairman, Yuriy Gazaryan, Vnesheconombank’s Deputy Chairman, Dmitry Kurdyukov, Vnesheconombank’s Deputy Chairman, Denis Nozdrachev, Sviaz-Bank’s President - Chairman of the Management Board, Igor Krasnov, Vnesheconombank’s Senior Vice President, Natalya Stokalskaya, Vnesheconombank’s Senior Vice President, Oleg Golubentsev, Vnesheconombank’s Vice President and Alexander Burya, Vnesheconombank’s Senior Managing Director.

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