Pursuant to the obligations assumed by VEB.RF under the Memorandum on the Principles of Responsible Financing signed by the BRICS member countries in 2020, VEB.RF has adopted and notifies the parties concerned of the Declaration of the Policy on Sustainable Development and Responsible Business Conduct based on the relevant best practices and international standards including those developed by OECD and UN.

The Declaration is designed to ensure VEB.RF’s proper contribution to Russia’s sustainable socio-economic development, improvement of the quality of life and promotion of sustainable economic growth, including by improving the level of social and environmental responsibility among Russian companies, VEB.RF entities and VEB.RF-coordinated development institutions.

The Declaration is aimed at strengthening stakeholder confidence in VEB.RF’s activities and is a tool of communication with VEB.RF’s stakeholders and partners such as sustainability rating agencies, including as part of the international agenda.